6 Exercises to reduce belly fat naturally at home

6 Exercises to reduce belly fat naturally at home
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Get rid of the excess belly fat can be one of the hardest tasks you ever attempted.
But with the correct diet and the proper training, it can give the perfect results.

So I constituted a workout plan to get rid of the belly fat fast and almost everyone who has tried it has achieved a phenomenal result.

A workout that will assure that you melt that excess fat and achieve that stomach you looking for.

As you continue reading I will walk you, step by step through this routine workout gives you practical tips to help you achieve the best results and how to add it to your daily life.

So let’s start with the routine workouts

1- Routine workouts

Planks :

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A plank is one of the best exercises for losing belly fat, it will activate all of your ABS muscles, leading to burn excess fat and strengthen your core.

How to do it :

  • lay flat on the ground face down, Place your wrists directly under your shoulders.
  • elevate yourself to the push-ups position.
  • do three sets, and hold for 45 seconds for each set.

Jackknife Sit-up :


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Jackknife Sit-up or Pike Crunches, It is a strength-based exercise that utilizes your body weight to target the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles.

It works your quadriceps and hamstrings at the same time.

How to do it:

  • lay flat on the ground on your back with your arms fully extended straight back behind your head. This is the starting position.
  • now slowly lift your legs and your arms a the same time while keeping them straight and keep lifting until you touch your toes with your fingers. Hold that position for 2 seconds.
  • slowly go back to the starting position.
  • repeat this motion for 3 sets with 15 reps for each one.

Jumping Rope :


Jumping Rope-min
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Jumping Rope simple and effective exercise that helps in weight loss by burning calories at a faster rate.

It targets different muscles in your body at the same time, such as abs, thighs, glutes, and back.

How to do it :

  • make sure that the rope is in the appropriate length, not too long not to short.
  • Place the rope behind your back with your elbows in close to your body.
  • now start jumping (few inches off the ground) while turning the jump rope over your head.
  • the jumping rope should pass under your toes while you are jumping you have to time it right.
  • keep making this motion for 5 straight minutes.

Air Bike :


Elbow to Knee Crunches
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Air Bike it’s one of the most popular exercises for losing belly fat.
It mainly targets the abdominal muscle.

How to do it :

  • lay down on your back straight on the ground, raise your knees upwards forming a 90-degree angle with the ground and put your hands behind your head with the elbow out.
  • now raise your shoulders few inches of the ground to put pressure on your abdominal muscles.
  • start Paddling with your legs such as you are on a bicycle. While Paddling you are going to bring your left elbow toward your right knee when it is in the up position and your right elbow to the left knee when it is in the up position.
  • keep performing this motion for a minute and rest for 20 seconds and repeat.
  • Do 3 sets.

Mountain Climber :


Cross-Body Mountain Climber-min
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Mountain Climber a great exercise to burn more calories and strengthen your core.

A cardio exercise that not only helps you lose excess fat in the belly area but it will work for

several joints and muscle groups simultaneously.

How to do it :

  • start by lying down on your face, with your hands under your shoulders and lift your self-up like you are doing a plank.
  • now keep your back straight, slowly bring your left knee toward your chest as close as you can.
  • return to the start position and make the same motion with the other knee.
  • keep making this motion slowly for 20 reps and do 3 sets.

Burpee :


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Burpees a great calorie-torching exercise, it improves the strength, increases blood circulation and helps you burn that excess fat around your belly.

How to do it :

  • stand straight up with your arms to the sides.
  • now do a Squat and place your hands on the floor parallel to your shoulders, and your knees straight under your shoulders.
  • kick your feet back, so you are in a full plank position and hold for 2 seconds.
  • now do a push-up.
  • bring your feet forward to the squat position again.
  • Raise back to the start position.
  • Jump as high as you can with your arms fully extended toward the ceiling.
  • repeat these steps as fast as you can, for 2 minutes and do three sets.

Plank Walk :

A very powerful exercise that combines the benefits of the plank and the pushups.

The plank benefits are well known in shaping your abs and multiple muscle groups.

the same thing for the pushups has a great impact on your chest, arms, shoulders.

How to do it :

  • start in the up position of a push-up.
  • now slowly start lowering your elbows to the ground one by one. Until you get into the plank position and hold that position for 3 seconds.
  • now do the last step backward, start lifting your elbows up one by one until you get into the pushup position and hold for 3 seconds.
  • do 3 sets of 15 reps.

Video of Plank Walk By Hot Bird Running :

2- Routine benefits :

This routine will not just help you lose the excess belly fat only, but by including those exercises in your daily routines you will gain lots of other benefits such as:

  • strengthen your core.
  • increase your flexibility.
  • increase your blood flow.
  • It Can Help Your Brain Health and relax you.
  • Help With Weight Loss all over your body.
  • Increase Your Energy Levels.
  • make you sleep better at night
  • building muscle more efficiently
  • Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease.
  • it can Promote a Better Sex Life.

3- nutrition tips

Eat Plenty of Soluble Fiber:

Studies prove that this type of fiber supports your weight loss by helping you feel full, leading to a decrease in the number of calories you take.

Try to combine plenty of high-fiber foods like Black Beans, Lima Beans, Avocados, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Turnips with your weight-loss diet.

Avoid junk food:

Junk Food has zero nutritional values. It does nothing but harms you and makes you gain weight all over your body.

Some studies have associated a high intake of trans fat with increased belly fat gain. Whether or not you are trying to lose weight, limiting your intake of junk food is a good idea.

drink lots of water:

Drinking more water will keep your body hydrated and helps you to flush out waste through sweat and urination, prevents kidney stones, helps boost your metabolism and appetite suppressant leading to losing more weight.

lower your alcohol intake:

Excessive alcohol intake has been connected with increased belly fat. If you need to decrease your waistline and your stomach fat, consider drinking alcohol in moderation or cut it completely.

4- The ultimate routine :

This is not like the usual workout routine, you know, this is going to be a hard routine because we all know that losing belly fat it’s hard.

Research has shown that the body could adapt to regular gym dates.

It means that with the time your body will be comfortable while doing this exercise and the changes in your daily routine.

For achieving the perfection of this routine, it is recommended to workouts twice a day in this order:

Jumping Rope, Air Bike, Plank Walk, Burpees early in the morning after getting off the bed on an empty stomach.

do all the exercises mentioned at the beginning of this post just before going to sleep.

You will need to give your 100% effort, commitment and perseverance to get the perfect results from this routine.

Feel free to share your results with us on Instagram.


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