How To Actually Lose Weight If You Weigh Over 200 Pounds

How To Actually Lose Weight If You Weigh Over 200 Pounds
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How To Actually Lose Weight If You Weigh Over 200 Pounds ?

Anyone over 200 lbs is overweight. What’s more dangerous is if all that extra weight appears in the form of fat and together with it, develops all sorts of health matters such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, joint pain, and hormonal imbalances.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help get rid of those extra pounds of fat.

I’m going to help not by telling you the classic tip of train hard or show you what to eat whatnot.

My purpose from this post is to help you change your lifestyle and all ways know the right way to do anything related to your health.

So let’s start this journey by

1. Not all calories are alike

When you’re working to control your weight, you have to know two basic concepts

These two notions work for EVERYONE. Without exceptions. Notwithstanding if you’re young or old, man or woman, whatever diet aim you’re on, this applies to YOU.

  • Caloric deficit: Taking in fewer calories than what your body uses
  • Caloric surplus: Taking in extra calories than what your body uses

So, you want to be in a situation of calories deficiency. For instance, if you’re eating 2500 calories of food by day to keep your weight, you must eat less than that to shed those extra pounds.

And keep in mind that not all calories are equal especially when you’re overweight because all those extra layers have caused hormonal imbalances.

  • Insulin resistance:

Insulin resistance is when your cells aren’t reacting normally to the insulin effects. This makes your blood sugar levels to rise up, especially after you eat. Insulin resistance is caused by overweight according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

Many people give up eating carbs collectively in an effort to cut weight and recover their health. But while this may operate for some people, others just love their carbs too much, making the diet unsustainable.
I think what you should follow is alternative carbohydrates with a lower glycemic index ( glycemic index) scores.

Interchanging out your normal carbs such as white rice, white bread, potatoes, and instant oatmeal for lower glycemic index carbs such as wheat bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and non-starchy vegetables is a great and healthy alternative to still keep carbs in your diet while decreasing calories.

  • Leptin resistance:

Leptin is responsible to talk with your brain and tell him “We’re full now! We’ve saved enough fat, so you can begin ramping up the metabolism!”
so if you have leptin resistance, you will feel the opposite of its effect.
You will always feel hungry, your metabolism decreases, and if you don’t change it, you will likely keep gaining more weight.

If you want to naturally reverse leptin resistance demands that you hold to a sustainable and healthy diet.

2. Try the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet has been around for quite some time. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of stories from people who’ve discovered success losing weight and, maybe, more importantly, saving it off within this diet.

In a nutshell, the keto diet is to lower your Carbohydrates intake and takes more fat.
Standard Ketogenic Diet contains 75% of fat with 5% Carbohydrates and 20% Protein.

With this diet, your body will start to burn fat for energy instead of carbs leading you to lose weight.

Standard Ketogenic Diet contains 75% of fat with 5% Carbohydrates and 20% Protein, While other diets Recommend 20%-35% of fats, 45%-65% of Carbohydrates and 10%-35% of Protein.

Studies have shown that people can give up carbohydrates easier than giving up fatty food.
Aside from losing weight and body fat, the study says that the long-term benefits of the ketogenic diet include:

  • Lower triglycerides
  • Lower “bad” cholesterol
  • Lower blood glucose (sugar)
  • Increase “good” cholesterol.

You can found more information about the keto diet in this post where I break it down benefits;

type and I give the best foods for the keto diet:

3. Know your supplements

Supplements can give big hand when it comes to losing weight, but I want you to be careful before buying any supplement same of them contains caffeine and yohimbine.

Caffeine is unbelievable and scientifically supported weight loss benefits. The obstacle, however, is that a lot of fat burners and pre-workout supplements fill their pills with dosages higher than what most people are used to.

Yohimbine with caffeine Both have similar benefits but, according to study, mixing both can guide to raised blood pressure and heart rates. This is bad news, particularly since most people who weigh over 200 pounds also have cardiovascular issues.

So if you do get supplements with this particular combination, I heartily suggest you practice caution.

4. Switch up your diet from Time to Time

Switching up from diet to a diet can give you better results.
Our bodies are not the same What worked for millions of others sway not certainly be the best choice for you.

Keep always the spirit of trying new thing even if its hard until you found the correct diet that will give what you want and never give up.

Besides its always good to try new things.

5. Start your morning with a detox drink.

Beginning your day with detox is always a good first step in the right bath.

It has lots of benefits but especially when it comes to losing weight, detox helps decrease gut inflammation which, in a way, kind of acts like a metabolic reset button.

Check this Two articles :

6. Confidence is a key

Confidence is key, confidence is everything when it comes to achieving any goal.
I want you to look every day in the mirror and tell your self that you can do it get rid of that thing you don want in your life unhealthy food, extra fat and anything bothering you.

Every morning, every time you feel uncomfortable or weak stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself why you are doing this.

7. Take it slow

Losing weight is a slow process don’t believe what you see online always.

We all saw that publication and commercial ‘ lose 10 lbs in a week.’

Start by Aiming to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, 3 at the maximum
The method is to find a speed that you can maintain, both with your exercise and your diet.

That means, you don’t burn out fast and you have a better chance of holding the weight off long-term.

Studies state that a slower weight loss management is better at losing body fat while keeping lean muscle mass compared to rapid weight loss, so it’s the best way for your aesthetics too.

8. exercise everywhere

By exercise everywhere I mean take your fitness one step at a time.

It means don’t start doing all those jumping and running routines. With all that extra weight, you’re more likely to hurt your joints, your heart and lungs might not be ready for all that violence.

start step by step don’t force anything on your body, you can start by a simple walk for a few blocks.

Do it consistently till you’ve made progress then slowly force yourself to do more challenging exercises such as jogging, running, and weight lifting.


This isn’t going to be comfortable or easy, This isn’t going to be fast.

In my point of view losing weight is a lifestyle you have to lose weight and maintain that.

You choose from this post what its conformal for you and try to add it to your life.

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