11 Effective Tips To lose weight in your face fast in 2 Weeks

lose weight in your face
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Losing weight is one of the hardest challenges you can attempt and lose weight in your face even harder, and more challenging.

“losing weight” is one of the most words typed on google but how to lose weight in your face is more searched than that because it’s so hard to lose weight in that part of the body.

In this article, I put together all the tips that can help you to lose face extra fat.

But first, let’s start with.

How to lose weight in your face : 

weight gain in the face: causes

There are several reasons that can lead to weight gain in the face.

Studies show that gaining weight in the face signifies begins with overall weight gain throughout your body.

it’s so important to break down these studies and now what causes facial weight gain.

  • processed food:

Eating a lot of processed foods might leads your face to assume a tired look.

This is because you are not supplying your face with the right nutrition.

Absence of vitamin c in your diet can lead to facial fatigue, consuming more salt, sugar, and cars more than your body need can increase facial fat.

  • medical condition:

There are medical conditions that can cause facial fat doctors to call them hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism can be triggered by many things like excess coffee intake, stress, excess sugar, and any other food sensitivities.

Dry skin, constipation, the lake of appetite, feeling fatigued more than usual are some of the symptoms that you will witness when you have hypothyroidism.

  • excess alcohol intake

It’s so simple alcohol causes dehydration no matter the kind you drink light or strong drinks.

The more you put into your body the more you get dehydrated.
This will make your body look bloated.

Ps: caffeine and sugar can also have the same effect on you just like alcohol.

And this takes to the next cause.

  • lack of water

Our bodies need at least seven to eight cups of water per day.

Having less then that amount can lead your body to enter into dehydration and into the precautionary mode by start storing water which might give you a puffy face.

So make sure to drink water regularly throughout the day.

11 Effective Tips To lose weight in your face fast in 2 Weeks

As I told you at the beginning of this post there are some ways in which you can reduce facial fat naturally.

And these methods have been tested and proven effective over time.

1. Facial exercises


facial exercises
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This may sound weird but experts have proven that facial exercises can help in facial fat loss.

Besides, losing weight also helps to strengthen muscles.

Facial exercises will help give tone to your muscles and lose weight from your face fast.
here’s a list of some of the best facial exercises

2. Hippos jaw exercises:


Hippos jaw exercises
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The most fun exercise to do, one of the best exercises for losing weight in your face fast.

To do the exercises all you have to do is open your mouth as wide as you can and hold it for about 10 seconds then close it and repeat

3. Chin lift:

A simple yet powerful exercise that will help get rid of the bloated face, this exercise will target your chain muscles.

To perform this workout start by raising your face toward the ceiling and pull your lower lips upwards and hold for about 5 seconds.

And repeat 10 times.

4. Fish face:

Great facial exercises to lose weight in your face.

To do the fish face, you have to start by sucking your cheeks in and try to smile and hold

This position for about 10 seconds and release for a second and repeat about 10 times.

5. Drink water:


Always keep yourself hydrated-min
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Drinking enough water in the day can help make you healthy.

Health experts have proven drinking water regularly through to help influence a reduction in overall calorie intake.

It also increases the rate of metabolism in your body and makes your body hydrated in order to reduce excess retention in the body.

6. Add cardio in your daily routine:

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Cardio is the best way to get rid of overall body fat, it will accelerate your heart rate leading to more fat burning.

Walking, swimming, running, biking and lots of easy to do cardio exercises that cal help on losing weight in your face.

Try to add cardio to your daily routine by avoiding the elevators and taking the stairs or to take a walk every night or using a bike instead of the car.

7. reduce your sodium intake:


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Taking excess sodium dose will make your body hold excess water which leads to bloating face.

Studies have shown that excess salt consumption can increase fluid retention in the body.

So you have to let go of processed food, cut snacks, processed meat, and convenience food and you will be in the right way to reduce sodium intake and getting a slimmer face.

8. limit of your alcohol intake:


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Drinking excess amount of alcohol is of the biggest cause of bloating and facial fat.

Alcohol adds no nutritional value to your body it only loads your body with excess calories.

It’s very important to control your alcohol intake in order to lose facial fat.

9. take supplements:

Supplements can also help you lose facial fats, especially magnesium is the best supplement to lose excess face fat.

It’s recommended to take around 200 to 400 mg of magnesium on a daily basis.

10. get enough sleep:


Not getting enough sleep
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Getting enough sleep is the best weight loss hack, studies have shown that divesting the body of sleep can increase the stress hormone (cortisol) which leads to weight gain.

Getting enough sleep will be a perfect stress management guide.

11. lower your carbs intake:


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This is so clear there are lots of foods that do nothing for your body except helping you getting excess fat foods like pasta, cookies, and cracker.

They contain no fibers which lead to quick digestion and lowering your blood sugar levels.

The only thing they contain is calories and sugar.

So if you want to lose facial fat, you have to be careful with carbs intake.


Now you know the major causes of facial fat and the best methods of losing it.

These tips can also be good while trying to lose neck fat too.

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