NO EXCUSES – 15 Best motivational fitness quotes


In a nutshell, motivational quotes are the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and best ways to get into an active state of mind.

To help push you through any difficulty, you have.

They will give you the missing boost of motivation, remind you of your goals.

If you are feeling down defeated, Reading quotes can assist to enhance your life by giving you a great pick-me-up immediately after reading them.

In this post, I gathered the best motivational and inspirational quotes to help you get on the right path and work harder to stay on the right health and fitness journey and to give you boost needed to never let go.

So, I made the dimensions of these quote images to fit any mobile device screen, so you can pin them on your board to keep them close to you and use them every time you need a push.

quotes-6-min quotes16-min quotes-12-min-min



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